You are a Trailblazer

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You are a trailblazer. You may not believe it but you are. By definition a trailblazer is “a person who makes a new track through wild country. A pioneer; an innovator”. You are a trailblazer. Your life is your own. It’s new to everyone including you. The fact that you are uniquely you means this is the first time anyone has traveled this way. Granted you may “follow in someone’s footsteps” in term of career, education, athletics, business or anything else for that matter. However, you are the only you.

This is the first and only time you will be here. Your life’s journey is uncharted. If your parents carved out a path for you and showed you everything that you needed to succeed the journey is still yours. The time is different. The friends are different. The teachers are different. The rivals are different. The loves are different. The DNA is different. The parents are different. The home is different. Society is different. Opportunities are different. Challenges are different. Technology is different. Advancements are different. You are traveling your own way that has to be traveled by you. You live with your choices and decisions. You move forward, backward or not at all by your own discretion.

The word of God gives instructions and directions to make our journey hopeful. However, daily hustle and bustle can highlight our thoughts and plans continuously. This makes our time in the word critical. If we take this one step further, our personal experiences and inspiration in the word become priceless. When we read our bible, having a bible study journal or a notebook for bible journaling is a way for us to keep the memory of these moments close and available. Often times we will need to remind ourselves the blessing and victory of the journey.

The moral of our time together here is to be courageous. Step out and make your mark. Be inspired by those who have come before you. Remember that the tall grass, wilderness or forest surrounding you is completely yours to blaze.

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