A Bible Study Journal That’s Good for Life

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We can’t believe it’s been a year since we were introduced to a 220-page tool that is truly life changing. The bible is a very inspirational source for many. Yet there remains a number who desire direction and guidance through the bible. That’s why we love the INSPIRE JOURNAL. This is not your typical lined or boxed journal. Every day for 30 days, you are escorted on a journey to focus on living your best life. That may sound a bit cliché, however, the results speak for themselves.

We talked with the designer of the INSPIRE JOURNAL. We were shocked at her own opinion of this guided prayer, habit tracker, goal setting bible journal.

“I know I laid the pages of this journal out but when I used it myself, I was amazed. In order to complete the journal every day, I had to prioritize and focus for real. I couldn’t say I had focus when I didn’t complete the things I said were important to me. I refocused my life to live a no excuse, kingdom lifestyle. The results were immeasurable.”

Dionna Ellison, designer of the INSPIRE JOURNAL, also said she was able to encourage others in their life pursuits, if they were willing to take action. “I gave journals away, I sold journals, I did everything I could to get journals in the hands of believers. I wanted to gain momentum. I knew it would help anyone who chose to use it. Some people said, ‘this is awesome’ while others said, ‘this will be great’ but continued to say they couldn’t use it until they were in a better place. It broke my heart because that was me. I was saving a better life until I finished whatever it was that I was doing. The truth was the better life started immediately when I took action to live it.”

The INSPIRE JOURNAL is a standalone tool that helps you layout daily goals, tasks, prayer, fasting and bible study. You can have personal, ministry and/or business goals. It is simple to complete. It is definitely something you can make your own for your journey.

This life journal can also be used with monthly topic workbooks and devotionals. The INSPIRE JOURNAL Series includes a devotional, workbook and INSPIRE JOURNAL for people looking for a guided study in the word.

By itself the INSPIRE JOURNAL is great for independent study. The INSPIRE JOURNAL Series is more for suggested topics and word exploration. Either way it is one of the best tools we have seen for the believer. This is something you can’t wait to use. You have to get it today. You have to use it now.

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